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Introduction ICTU Whitepaper Blockchain, September 2016

Publicatie 14 nov 2017

Author: Bas Kaptijn. Co-authors: Peter Bergman and Steven Gort.

A fundamentally different perspective on government issues.

Blockchain: a new way of thinking

Blockchain is the new ICT promise: every day, a conference is being dedicated to or an article is being written about this technology. But what exactly is a blockchain and what can the Dutch government achieve with it?

Blockchain technology is taking its first steps. There are (so far) hardly any examples of large-scale blockchain applications, other than organising the digital currency called bitcoin. However, blockchain appears to offer a solution for several tricky issues, for instance, issues regarding data and privacy ownership. For blockchain is not merely that new technology behind bitcoin, it also inspires many related technologies, a different way of organising and even a new way of thinking. It has a vast impact on organisations and society.

About this whitepaper

This whitepaper expounds why that is the case and how it works. We shall explain what blockchain can mean for the services of the Dutch government, what it should focus on and how ICTU can help.

More information

Read the newsitem about the whitepaper Blockchain on the ICTU website.

Download the English version of the ICTU whitepaper Blockchain (Pdf, 444 kb).

Note: the translation of this whitepaper follows the publication of the original whitepaper of September 2016.

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