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A 750 billion European Recovery Fund in part for digitalisation and government transformation. Regulations that directly affect the digital arrangement of our governments. What will we notice of this in our works? How can we as the Netherlands contribute?  

These questions were addressed in a series of six cafés that the Europe Team of ICTU organized this spring til summer. Each featuring a keynote from a different perspective.

European developments are moving faster than we think and often have more impact than we might foresee. Think of eIDAS, the GDPR, but also European rules that play a role in various topics, such as Corona & vaccinations, Smart Borders and studying abroad. Where is Europe going to(wards), what can we expect in the near future?  

Information on the ICTU Cafés on Europe in Dutch.

European digitalisation strategy

There is a new European digitalisation strategy: Shaping Europe's Digital Future.

In this strategy, the EU establishes a link with human values, such as the trust of citizens in ever-advancing internet technology and artificial intelligence. This strategy also deals with the effects of ICT investments on cross-border business in Europe and the economic growth that this entails. Such matters touch on the work of ICTU together with governments in solving social issues.

Beyond 2021

ICTU has existed for 20 years. In this anniversary year we look ahead and organise several moments to explore the future with government relations: "Beyond 2021, let's create (y)our future".
Against this background, ICTU launched a series of online lectures in the first half of this year, 2021. Together with experts and interested colleagues within and outside ICTU. To catch up with you about the ins & outs and the impact of the European digitalisation strategy, Beyond 2021.

Central to this series of lectures was the question of what we as professionals, citizens or entrepreneurs will notice from this digitalisation strategy. How can we respond to it, how can we as the Netherlands contribute? What could be our role in this? And how can we jointly explore and shape our future?

Programme and replays

View the entire programme (dates and speakers), as well as the replays of the sessions!

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