How we operate

Eric Brouwer and Leenhert Stil from ICTU

At ICTU we always start with the essence of the final product

What is its intended use and what is its objective? The function determines the method, where best practices from the past may be the inspiration for new solutions. By thinking things through at the beginning, we are able to make the right choices.

We have translated our process into five points which form the guiding principle of our service.


ICTU only supplies the best people. As independent consultant and executor we have a large network of internal and external professionals. The relationship of trust that we have with our clients enables us to put together precisely the right combination of expertise for every project.


ICTU believes in sharing knowledge and publishes its own solutions, new innovations and processes. We do this to provide information but also to inspire, because every development begins as an insight. We don’t just share with our clients but with everyone, as insights can sometimes come from unexpected places.


ICTU will only deliver work that benefits social interest and is therefore always critical, because what is in the interest of one is not always what is in the interest of another. Our work is performed with respect and consideration for everyone’s interest and as such we literally are, right behind every product that we deliver; because we know that it works for everyone involved.


ICTU doesn’t work for clients but works together with them. Clients are aware of the state of affairs at any given point throughout the process. This offers them the opportunity to participate in discussions and make any amendments necessary in order for them to achieve their responsibilities.


ICTU will only take on projects that are achievable and as such we make realistic agreements and weigh everything up in terms of time, money and quality before accepting an assignment. Agreed is agreed and deadlines are there to be met. We are flexible where possible whilst also professional and honest.