About us

ICTU is working on an improved digital government

Together with our clients we achieve high quality digital services. We connect knowledge to skill and solutions to problems, whilst observing the balance between technology and use, and innovation and workable solutions. So that any business conducted with the government, by either an individual or a company is done safely, easily and digitally.

As independent consultant and executor within the government, we look for the right combination of expertise for every assignment so that both the government and society benefits.

How we operate

At ICTU we always start with the essence of the final product: what is its intended use and what is its objective? The function determines the method, where best practices from the past may be the inspiration for new solutions.

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Eric Brouwer and Leenhert Stil from ICTU

Who do we work for?

ICTU’s professional field is the digital government. We work in projects, using craftsmanship, with passion for the public interest and not for profit. In doing so we work for all government departments: government, provinces, municipalities, water boards and autonomous administrative authorities.

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Stand up

Management & Governance

All levels of government are represented on the Supervisory Board of ICTU

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